Guest Comments

From Ed and Marie Keohane and the Calusa Cove family:

Our first mission is to make sure you, our guests, who arrive happy and content, leave Calusa Cove RV Park feeling happy and content. If you have good neighbors back home, we want to be as much your neighbor here in Florida. Money and peace are important to you, otherwise, you would not be camping, however traveling is tiring and hectic and we must do our best in getting you settled in. We and your fellow campers will all help.

"Loved it Here"

What a treat it was to get away from the snow. I will definitely recommend Calusa Cove RV Park to my friends."


"I'll never forget the balmy night we spent by the campfire, barbecuing and enjoying the company of our family and friends. We'll be back!"

"The Secret Spot" 

"I can't think of a more perfect place to spend a vacation. Not only are we away from the hustle and bustle, we are close to everything within a few miles. This spot remineds me of a poem written by Eve Morrian that i use to remember how big the world is and how small I am. "

               'There go the grownups,to the office,

                to the store. Subway Rush,

                Traffice Crush. Hurry. Scurry,

                Worry, Flurry.

                No wonder grownups don't grow up any more.

                It takes a lot of slow to grow.


“Beautiful Place”

This is a very beautiful place to stay, my family have a very lovely time here. The staff was very welcoming when we showed up and were super helpful. The sites were decently spaced apart; we were able to park our big rig with ease and pull our slide outs. We got the basics from the amenities they offered and loved how many activities they had to offer. The water was gorgeous to watch as the sunset and I liked how everything was located. Everything was nicely maintained as well. I loved the location as it was really a nice place to camp in peace and serenity.